I strive to make each and every project I work on a pleasant and fun experience for my clients while being mindful of timeliness and budget. The value I bring to my clients comes from my 20 plus years of experience shooting both commercial and residential projects and an understanding of what it takes to best portray each space.

The larger scale of most commercial interiors dictates to me the use of available light, often only requiring minor additions on my part. By contrast, residential interiors allow me greater influence as sunlight can be manufactured, with highlights and shadow placed where desired. The very nature of the home can take the work to a distinctively personal level. In both types of spaces my approach is to ask how I can visually organize the space and control the light to best represent my clients' designs, workmanship and use of materials.

I encourage a collaborative approach because I often find that my expertise is enhanced by the insights and perspective of my clients. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work in a profession that I am personally passionate about and I trust that the work I do for all my clients speaks to my passion.

Thanks for visiting my web site and I look forward to working with you to discuss your professional photographic projects and needs.